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During the 2018 school year, the SCC made changes to the goals for 2019.  While reading remained a top priority for the school, a recent 2 year staff development project that has taken place at Spring Lake called Comprehensive Math Instruction (CMI) gave the council reason to change previous science goals to mathematics goals.  The council also decided that Spring Lake Elementary needed improvement in its access to technology compared to other district schools and that improvements in the take home library were also needed to provide higher quality books for students to read at home each night.  The 2019 goals reflect these discussions and decisions by the SCC.  Results will be reported in October 2019.  

                                      TOTAL AWARDED FOR 2019:  $70,222

Goal #1:  The percent of students in 1st - 3rd grade reading on grade level or making typical progress in reading will improve from 64% to 66% by the end of the 2018-2019 school year.

1. Teachers will improve their Tier 1 literacy instruction based on Nebo District Literacy Block recommendations, through staff development, coaching cycles, monthly literacy collaboration meetings, personal study and analyzing data.
2. Technicians may be hired to work with individuals and small groups and will be trained on district approved reading intervention tutoring programs.
3. Substitutes may be hired to provide teacher teams time to collaborate on literacy curriculum maps, attend data meetings or participate in focused observations.
4. Professional learning opportunities may be provided for classroom teachers and instructional technicians.
5. Titles for the school Take Home Library will be purchased.
6. Supplemental reading software and/or technology may be purchased to enhance reading instruction.

Goal #2:  The percent of students in grades 4-6 will increase mathematical proficiency and progress from 74% to 76%.

1. Teachers will provide mathematics instruction by using the Utah State Core Standards in mathematics, CMI framework and district approved materials.
2. Math reteach and enrich cycles will be embedded in the weekly schedule by all teams.
3. Technicians may be hired to work with individuals, small groups, and as push-in support during reteach/enrich.
4. Technological resources and supplies may be purchased to improve student mathematical understanding.
5. Substitutes may be funded to provide teams opportunities to create common assessments, design curriculum, create scope and sequence, review data, and participate in professional development opportunities.

Goal #3:  Increase the number of integrated arts lesson being taught in classrooms.  Art medium being studied this year:  DANCE