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April 2010

Coins for a Cause

Submitted by kathleen.ware on Fri, 04/23/2010 - 15:24
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Coins for a Cause
          With all the recent earth quakes throughout the world, Spring Lake Elementary students and staff decided they wanted to do something to help. Students, staff, and families collected donations of loose change to donate to the local American Red Cross. A representative from the Red Cross met with the Spring Lake Student Council to accept their check for $ 647.76. The students of Spring Lake have shown that a little help from everyone can make a big difference!

March Madness at Spring Lake Elementary

Submitted by kathleen.ware on Fri, 04/23/2010 - 14:50

March Madness at Spring Lake Elementary
     During the month of March, students at Spring Lake Elementary School in Payson read their hearts out for the chance to earn cash and prizes for great reading. One student from each grade level was chosen to help teachers shoot hoops for cash. Several students went home that day a little richer for their great reading. The students at Spring Lake also have participated all year in the Ken Garff Road to Success Program. In the upcoming weeks teachers will be kissing a pig if their students meet their reading goal for April and May! Who would have known that reading could be so much fun!
Caption: Fourth grade student, Andrew Palmer, gets ready to shoot for cash in the recent March Madness Event at Spring Lake Elementary in Payson.

Sculpture Comes to Life at Spring Lake Elementary

Submitted by kathleen.ware on Fri, 04/23/2010 - 14:14
Mrs. Howard and Kathy Ware
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                             Sculpture Comes to Life at Spring Lake Elementary
            Spring Lake Elementary students in Payson, under the direction of their art teacher, Mrs. Howard, took their favorite cartoon characters and made them come alive through sculpture. Mickey Mouse, Oscar, Mario and Kevin, from the movie “UP’, were some of their favorite characters. Wire, newspaper, and paper mache were used to create the sculptures, with tissue, fabric, and other materials to create the final product. The sculptures will be donated to the school library, where all who enter will enjoy the hard work of the students. Their service, giving back to the school, was part of the love they gave this project.
 Caption Picture 1 :

Spring Lake students stand with their sculpture of Mickey Mouse and Oscar the Grouch.
Mickey Mouse constructed by: Rylie Waden, Megan Michaelis, Audra Lillie, Bryson Finley, Carson Drueger, Rebeca Knapp, Ethan Hancock, and Nicole Marsh.
Oscar the Grouch constructed by: Morgan Blackmore, Jessica Holt, Maddie Lindsay, Darby Miller, Kaitlyn Sharp, and Kayla Speith.
Caption Pictyure 2 :
Spring Lake students stand with their sculpture of Kevin and Mario.
Kevin constructed by: Krisalynne Wheeler, Joseph Baxter, Braxton Biggs, Javen Andersen, Logan Bennett, Breiann Carter, and Corben Gull.
Mario constructed by: Heri Eden, Shaury Pichardo, Gabe Doyl, Chandler Higley, Tyler Cowie, Orrin Hapairai, and Rykley Houser.

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