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I’ve got the Power! White Ribbon Week

Submitted by doug.lai on Sun, 02/25/2018 - 21:25

Monday- Superhero Day, come dressed as your favorite superhero (what powers are you going to gain this week? I have the power to not view embarrassing pictures or share hurtful words.)

Tuesday- Blackout Day, come dressed with as much black as you can (a computer screen goes black when you turn it off. I have the power to turn it off)

Wednesday- Multi Colors Day, come dressed with as many colors as your can (the world around you has so many colors, go outside and explore. I have the power to tell a trusted adult is something doesn’t feel right)

Thursday- Stoplight Day, come dressed in red, yellow, or green (stop/caution/go when downloading. I have the power to ask before I download)

Friday- School Spirit day- dress in your school t-shirt or school colors (I have the power to help my friends make safe choices online)

#unexpected #springlakehawks #springlakeelem