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Mrs. Bradford

Submitted by doug.lai on Wed, 06/12/2019 - 21:50

Why did you decide to become a teacher?: I work in the autistic preschool as a technician or paraeducator.  One of my five children struggled in school. I did research for his benefit and have been interested in helping all special needs children ever since. I returned to the elementary (to work) the same year my youngest child entered the elementary!

How long you been teaching?: This if my first year at Spring Lake but I have worked in various special education classrooms for 17 years.

College: BYU Associates in Child Development/Family Science.

Hometown: Lehi, Utah

Something not many people know about you:

I love teaching...: I love seeing the difference I can make in students' lives.  It may take longer and much more effort to see progress in a special education student than others, but when you see the learning and growth, finally, it is worth everything!

During the summer I like to...: Gardening, camping, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, walking and watch the magic of a campfire at night.

If calories didn't count I would eat/drink...: Magleby's chocolate cake with raspberry sauce and ice cream!

Favorite book or movie: The Princess Bride - aka "As You Wish"  


Teacher Quote: If a child can not learn in the way you teach, you much teach in the way the child can learn.  Everyone deserved love, respect, patience and an opportunity to learn.