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Mrs. Lewis

Submitted by doug.lai on Mon, 07/08/2019 - 19:47

Why did you decide to become a teacher?: I taught preschool and decided I wanted to be a teacher. I decided to find a job that I could practice teaching, while I went to school

How long you been teaching?: 1 year

College: BYU Idaho (currently)

Hometown: Payson Utah

Something not many people know about you: I have a twin sister.

I love teaching...: Computers and math. I love using photoshop, coding, and designing this.

During the summer I like to...: Camp, read, hike, and watch movies outside with friends

If calories didn't count I would eat/drink...: Hot chocolate and quesadillas

Favorite book or movie: Goose Girl - Shannon Hale


Teacher Quote: Life is about Moments don’t wait for them create them — unknown