Mrs. Fordiani's sixth-grade class enjoyed building castles as part of their medieval unit. The castles needed to have a moat, drawbridge, curtain walls, arrow loops, a bailey, battlements, towers, and a keep just to name a few. They had so much fun!

Mr. Daybell

Spring Lake Hawks,

 I just wanted to let you all know that last night I was appointed the Coordinator of Operations for Nebo School District effective on July 1st.

 I have loved my two years at Spring Lake and getting to know your students.  I have appreciated the trust and support you have all shown to me. 

 I give you my promise to give everything I have to Spring Lake in my last few months.


Mr. Daybell


Birds Of A Feather

Mrs. Howard

If you were a bird, what type of personality would you have?

Sixth-grade students had that oppertunity with their bird sculptures. After paper mache' and paint students began giving then all kinds of personality with any materials they could think of. What a great job they did!

Hot Air Balloons

6th grade students have been learning about heat transfer. To help understand convection, they are designing, making models, and building hot air balloons, which will be launched on Valentine's Day!