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Boot Camp

Submitted by doug.lai on Tue, 10/10/2017 - 20:32
Mr. Ewell

On September 29th, Spring Lake Elementary 5th Grade students converged on Payson Memorial Park for a memorable day of teamwork and physical activity at their Battle Boot Camp. Thanks to the help of many willing parents, the students enjoyed several rotation activities in their day of Boot Camp training. They ran an obstacle course and had "marching practice" strapped in groups to 2x4s. Reconnaissance was practiced with a scavenger hunt about the park. Team work was practiced with games of Steal the Flag and a Laser Web Escape activity, as well as an obstacle course. The students enjoyed swinging across a “piranha infested river” to get their team safely onto a platform. That took some teamwork!

            The weather was perfect, especially in comparison to the deluge day when the classes were originally scheduled to go to the park. The students’ favorite activity of the day was certainly the Flour Bomb Battle where they played in massive teams lobbing flour loaded nylon stockings at the opposing players. Morale waned a bit as the flour dusted troops marched back to the school, but they were able to keep trudging on with the memories of a great day.