Constitution Day at Spring Lake Elementary in Payson

Submitted by kathleen.ware on Sun, 10/25/2009 - 16:31

                               Constitution Day at Spring Lake Elementary in Payson

               Students recently gathered together on Constitution Day for a special flag raising ceremony. Students also participated in various classroom activities emphasizing the importance of the U.S. Constitution and the contributions of the founding fathers. The day ended with students watching President Barrack Obama's address to American school children stressing the importance of education.

Story and Photos by Kathleen Ware

Green Ribbon Week!

Submitted by kathleen.ware on Sun, 10/25/2009 - 16:13

It seemed as if St Patrick's Day came a bit early this year, but in reality it was Green Ribbon Week! Mrs. Pennick's First Grade Class (pictured) received a special reward for wearing the most green! The week's activities included walking to school,mismatched shoes, funky sunglasses, tying green ribbons on the fence and wearing green! The students had fun walking to school with Payson High School cheerleaders and the Payson Lion! Green Ribbon week was sponsored by the Spring Lake PTA all in an effort to promote safety for all students. A special "Thanks" goes out to April Jones for planning such a fun week for the students!

Photography by April Jones

Spring Lake Elementary Kindergarten Students Chase Down the Gingerbread Man!

Submitted by kathleen.ware on Mon, 10/19/2009 - 15:36

On the first day of school, kindergarten students at Spring Lake Elementary made and decorated a gingerbread man. He ran away during recess! They spent the next week looking for the gingerbread man. The kindergarten students were thrilled when the custodian had an idea: he dressed up as a gingerbread man and "caught" the gingerbread man and brought it back to the kindergarten students.

Marty Davis - Kindergarten Teacher

Third Grade Visit From Red Rock Orthodontics

Submitted by kathleen.ware on Thu, 09/17/2009 - 16:16

The third grade students at Spring Lake Elementary School in Payson received a surprise visit from Tanya at Red Rock Orthodontics. Red Rock Orthodontics is owned by Dr. Adam Lee. Dr. Lee sent his special helper, Tanya, to visit with the students to discuss dental health and orthodontics care. She also brought along a very special dinosaur friend to help her demonstrate how to brush teeth. The special visit was a culminating activity that went along with the students' studies in Language Arts. The students were all given a dental care package compliments of Red Rock Orthodontics!