The Butterfly Effect

Submitted by doug.lai on Tue, 06/15/2021 - 08:08

The "Butterfly Effect" is a scientific theory which asserts that very small events can cause a chain reaction which can lead to hugely significant events. Students in Mr. Ewell's 5th grade class performed "The Butterfly Effect", a short play written by Lisa Bean, to classes on May 23rd. The students had worked hard to prepare and perform and were able to share the message of the play in a well developed and thought provoking production. 

Chalk Art

Submitted by doug.lai on Sat, 06/12/2021 - 21:33

Students in Mr. Lai's had fun learning to be copy machines and enlarging pictures. Students first stated on paper enlarging a portrait of Washington. Next, they each took a section and enlarged several American Revolution pictures on the blacktop.