You have been hired to work at your Uncle Joe’s donut shop, Joe’s Donuts & Joe. Make it through your first day to earn your pay—all the donuts you can eat!


Students must follow the text clues to add together the ounces of all three sizes of coffee in the customer’s order.

The text clue hints that students should arrange the values in the recipe from least to greatest. Each value in the recipe can also be matched to an image in the picture surrounding the recipe (butter, the mixer, the spoon, the milk, and the bottle of vanilla extract). Each of the pictures contains a shape that should be entered to form the combination.

The text clue prompts students to “addmire” their work, hinting that the operation is addition. To solve, students must add up the value of all of the models in the splats of glaze. This amount entered without the decimal point is the solution.

The chalkboard shows decimals to the hundredths place. There are ten donuts in the case, so students can count the number of donuts of each color and interpret the amounts as fractional amounts with a denominator of ten. Students should match the values on the chalkboard to the equivalent fractions represented by the donuts. The combination order is top to bottom on the chalkboard.

As indicated by the text clue, students should start with the decimal fraction donut that has the lowest (least) value so the first direction in the combination is down. Students must then find the donut with the next lowest decimal fraction value  The lids also provide a color clue as they match the frosting on the donuts. Please note, students should only look for the directions needed to make matching pairs, and should not use directions between pairs in their solution.