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Monday the 9th of September is our annual carnival. We need volunteers!

6th Graders are welcome to help with the carnival food and they can use the service toward their honor roll requirements. 


There is also a parent sign up to help out before and after the carnival with set up and clean up. 

We are offering discounted pre-order bundles for our carnival this year! You can find them on the member hub store.

Individual= 1 gold wristband + 1 food punch card $14

Small family= 2 gold wristbands + 2 food punch cards $25

Large family= 3 gold wristbands + 1 maroon wristband + 3 food punch cards $45

*Bundles only available until Sunday, Sept 8. Full price the day of carnival (Monday, Sept 9)

Full price:
Gold wristband $10. (Full access to all rides, games and attractions)

Maroon wristband $5. (Access to limited rides, games, and attractions)

Food punch card $5 (10 punches for carnival food)