Submitted by teresa.jordan on Wed, 03/31/2021 - 08:33

Every year at Spring Lake, we like to participate in a fundraiser for charity. In the past, we have done Val-o-grams and donated the money to the Kids Cause organization.

This year, we are going to raise money for a deserving family from our very own school community! We are calling our charitable fundraiser, "Silver for Sophie". We want to thank Mrs.Davis, one of our awesome Kindergarten teachers, for coming up with the idea and helping to organize this fundraiser to benefit a deserving family.

Last year, Sophie Hobbs, the 3 year old daughter of Stephen and Tamiris Hobbs and little sister to Amanda (2nd grade) & Bruno and Enzo Hobbs (Kindergarten) began acting lethargic and was having trouble keeping food down. After many trips to local pediatricians and continued illness, Sophie was eventually diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. She had surgery to remove the tumor at Primary Children's Hospital on January 5th. Later, the family found out that Sophie would also need to receive specialized treatments including several rounds of radiation which would require an extensive stay at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona.


The difficult decision was made for Stephen to travel to Phoenix to be with Sophie through her treatments while Tamiris stayed here in Payson to be with their other children and keep life as normal as possible for them. For the past two months the family has been living separately and little Sophie has endured many rounds of difficult treatments - all with a smile on her face. She was just cleared to come home! 


We want to dedicate this year's charitable fundraiser to the Hobbs Family and will give 100% of the funds raised by our school community directly to help with their medical expenses. Here are the ways you can help:


1. PENNY WARS "Silver for Sophie" which will run the week of April 12th - 16th - See attached flier for details.

2. Silent Auction - we will be holding a virtual silent auction (if you'd like to donate items for the silent auction, please contact the front office).

3. You can visit the Go Fund Me Page for the family to learn more about Sophie and make a direct donation. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE GO FUND ME PAGE!


We will kick off our week-long fundraising event when we return from Spring Break. The Penny War will take place April 12th - 16th. We are hoping students can get involved by earning spare change by doing chores or working around the house. The change can then be used in our Penny War game (dollar bills will also be accepted).