A School Community Council is created for the purpose of involving parents or guardians of students in decision making at the school level; improving the education of students; prudently expending School LAND Trust Program money for the improvement of students' education through collaboration among parents and guardians, school employees, and the Board of Education. 

We invite you to get involved by joining our school community council.  Please reach out to Mrs. Findlay by email (corallee.findlay [at] if you are interested in running for a position on the council.  Elections are held each August for the coming school year.  



School Community Council meetings are open to the public. Meetings will be held at Spring Lake Elementary in the conference room. You are welcome to attend any or all of the meetings, but please notify us in advance so we can plan accordingly. The dates are as follows:

September 28th @ 9:30 AM
October 26th @ 9:30 AM
November 30th @ 9:30AM
January 25th @ 9:30 AM
February 22d @ 9:30 AM
March 28th @9:30 AM
April 25th @ 9:30 AM
May - TBD
School Land Trust Allocated Budget 2022-23 = $73,041
TSSA Budget 2022-23 = $64,200
Meeting Agendas:  Meeting Minutes:
List of Current Council Members
Laralee Deschamps - Chair (Parent)
laralee27 [at]
Melissa Anderson - Vice Chair (Teacher)
melissa.anderson [at]
Tamara Didas - Parent
tamaradidas [at]
Coral Lee Findlay - Principal
corallee.findlay [at] 
Elizabeth Rios - Parent
elirios.1018 [at]
Bonnie Harmon - Teacher
bonnie.harmon [at]
Laralee Deschamps - Parent
laralee27 [at]
Stephanie Quarnberg - Parent
staphanie.quarnberg [at]