SCC Rules of Order and Procedure

The following rules of order and procedure will be used by our council:

To promote ethical behavior and civil discourse each council member shall:

  • Attend council meetings on time and prepared
  • Make decisions with the needs of students as the main objective
  • Listen to and value diverse opinions
  • Be sure the opinions of those you represent are included in discussions
  • Expect accountability and be prepared to be accountable

Act with integrity Rules of Procedure:

  • All meetings are open to the public and the public is welcome to attend.
  • The agenda of each upcoming meeting with draft minutes of the prior meeting will be made available to all council members in advance of the meeting.
  • Minutes will be kept of all meetings, prepared in draft format for approval at the next scheduled meeting.
  • The council will prepare a timeline for the school year that includes due dates for all required reporting and other activities/tasks that the council agrees to assume or participate in.
  • The timeline will assist in preparation of agendas to be sure the council accomplishes their work in a timely manner.
  • The chair or a co-chair conducts the meetings, makes assignments and requests reports on assignments. In the absence of the chair or co-chair, the vice-chair or other co-chair shall conduct meetings.