Special Guests Visit 1st Grade

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Special Guests visit 1st grade
Santa visiting 1st grade
Santa giving oranges to 1st grade
Gifts given to first graders

We had some special visitors today, Steton Richard's mom, Danielle Richards, and Stetson's  grandma, April Christiansen.

They read us a story about the smells of Christmas. With each new smell, we got a special gift. We smelled apples, pine trees, gingerbread cookies, hot cocoa, candy canes and oranges. We had a wonderful surprise at the end of the book when Santa Claus bounded in with a sack and a lot of good cheer! The first grade students sang " We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and Santa and his helpers loved it!  Thank you, Danielle, April and Santa! 


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Article by Marty Davis