September 2021

Elephant Toothpaste

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On September 24, my class did the "Elephant Toothpaste" experiment. We were told by Mr. Lai to take beakers, large water bottles, yeast, hot water, and a little cup to put the hot water and yeast. But we forgot another ingredient, soap! So when you're doing an experiment, please remember to make sure you have everything. We mixed the yeast inside then went outside with all of our supplies! There is a little sewer drain next to our playground, we used that so we didn't have a mess! Sadly without the soap, our experiment didn't work out too well.

Written by Rayne Black

School Picture Day

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Smile and say,”Cheese!” This Wednesday, September 22nd, is Bell Photographers school picture day.  All students should be photographed so that we can add each student to their class photo.  If you are interested in ordering individual school pictures there are many easy ways to pay: 

Send cash or check (payable to Bell Photographers) in the envelope that was sent home. 


Log on to www.bell

enter code- springlakeesfall21





Denise Taylor

Hawk Squad

Submitted by doug.lai on

Fifth-grade students are welcome to apply for the Hawk Squad. They can help with announcements, the library, attendance, morning music, and writing articles for the school website. Please have applications back by Wednesday. 

See attached pdf for applications.

Reminder to Pay Donations!

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Each year we invite parents to pay a $25 per student donation to the school. This covers all class and grade level projects, activities, field trips and materials. It is also used for school rewards, assemblies and activities such as pool day, Seussapalooza and much, much more!

Civics Engagement Day

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Who gets to sit in a Representative's chair for an extended period of time, besides an elected official? These students from Spring Lake Elementary did. Invited by Representative Doug Welton, the students participated in Civics Engagement Day and got as close to being a legislator as it could get for a 5th grader. After a lesson on law making with Rep. Welton, and a brief tour, the students had the opportunity to propose, debate and vote on "mock"-bills on the House Floor of the Utah State Capitol.

Article and photos by Perry Ewell