March 2022

White Ribbon Week

Submitted by denise.taylor on Thu, 03/24/2022 - 15:04

This is White Ribbon week. This week we work on how to be careful with devices. The whole school has been participating  and as of today it is career day. This means that you get to dress up as  what you want to be when you grow up. So many kids participated and the purpose of this is to be able  to say  if you don't spend all of your time on devices and maybe go outside, you can do wonderful things. If we really put our mind to things , then everyone can do wonderful things. If you put in the work and hours,  you can accomplish things that no one thought possible.

Article and photo by Hawk Squad Journalist, Crusik Dorton

Leprechaun Traps and Vacation Homes

Submitted by denise.taylor on Sun, 03/20/2022 - 15:41

Some first graders tried to trap leprechauns while others made vacation homes for them.  It was a great St. Patrick's Day at Spring Lake Elementary!


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Spring Lake Celebrates St. Patrick's Day

Submitted by denise.taylor on Sun, 03/20/2022 - 15:31

Kindergarteners searched for the leprechaun and his pot of gold on Thursday, March 17th.  As they searched Spring Lake halls, they found shamrock art, rainbow art, and first grade drawings of leprechauns.  Lots of fun was had by all!

#unexpected #springlakehawks #springlakeelem #nebohero #NeboSchoolDistrict #studentsuccess #empowerstudents #engagestudents #focusonstudents #loveUTpublicschools #utpol #uted #ThankATeacher #Growaswego


Leprechaun picture submitted by Mrs. McFarland

Mrs. Topham's Fifth Grade Elections

Submitted by denise.taylor on Thu, 03/03/2022 - 15:37

The famous Mrs. Topham's  fifth grade class held an election. She had been hyping up the class of "kids" who we would be presenting our speeches to.   Everyone was excited and everyone had their speeches prepared. It was a joyous occasion, full of excitement and speeches and wait -what? PARENTS?  Little did we know there was a little twist. We weren't even presenting to kids.  We were presenting to full grown adults. Everything went smoothly, just kidding.  There were brownies and cookies and airplanes and Jolly Ranchers and a bunch of other crazy things.

Article and photos by Crusik Dorton

Cats in Hats Everywhere

Submitted by denise.taylor on Wed, 03/02/2022 - 15:39

Mrs. McFarland's kindergarten students celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday on Wednesday, 3/2/22 by making hats from the Seuss book, The Cat in the Hat.  They are so adorable!

Pictures by Brenda McFarland