Kenneth N. Shaw PEAK Award Winner

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Kenneth N. Shaw, Building Technician, Spring Lake Elementary
Nominated by: Necia Albrecht & Teresa Jordan

“Mr. Shaw retired from the business world and decided to spend a few hours each day helping at his neighborhood school. The students and teachers love, love, love Mr. Shaw. We are so blessed to have him at Spring Lake. He starts his day greeting students as they walk in the front door. Mr. Shaw is so happy, positive, friendly, and calls everyone by name. He helps with morning and lunch supervision and organizes games and activities to keep students involved and engaged. Mr. Shaw is always watching out for students who are alone, looking for a friend, or those who might need a little nudge getting involved. He has established connections with multiple students who suffer from anxiety or may be struggling in other ways. If Mr. Shaw isn't helping a student in skills, he goes next door and gives kids one-on-one help in our K-3 resource classrooms. He has such a desire to help our students be successful and goes above and beyond his ‘job description’ every single day. Every school needs a Mr. Shaw!”


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