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As a school community we strive to provide each student with a safe and educational environment, quality instruction and learning opportunities; thereby promoting personal success, growth, responsible citizenship and a love for life long learning.

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Do you know someone in Nebo School District who really exhibits Positive Energy and Kindness? All nominations will be reviewed, and qualified candidates will be recognized at the Nebo School District Board meeting. (Keep nominations secret until announced.)

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March Students of the Month


Kindergarten:  Oakley Jewett, Jake Bullard, Zoee Cofran, Asher Lance, Emily Keisel, Kyle Begay, Breezie Deuel, McCoy Jensen, Brooklyn Allan, and Kambri Gardner.

First-grade:  Kailey Hancock, Sierra John, Kallin Johnson, Blane Christensen, Rachel Dinkins, Ellie Wilkerson, Kyle Bassir,Makaylie Stone, Jake Steele, Crisali Valdovinos Sanchez, Juan Pablo Reynoso, Natalie Whitney, and Calder Hunter.

Payson Junior High Choir

The Payson Junior High choir students put on a fantastic show for the students and faculty at Spring Lake Elementary.  There were performances from the boys choir, girls choir, and two show choirs.  The choirs gave it their all in their final combined performance, which was a crowd favorite, “The Eye of the Tiger”.    

Sedimentary Sandwiches

Article by Emily Knapp.

In my class in 4th grade we are learning about the rock cycle. In class we made a sedimentary sandwich.  We got one piece of white bread and one piece of wheat bread.  We had raisins, cream cheese(it was supposed to be peanut butter), crushed graham crackers, grape jelly, and strawberry jelly.  The raisins were representing rocks, the cream cheese was mud, the jelly was decaying plants and animals, the white bread was sand, the wheat bread was mud and the graham crackers were dust.

Animal Bite Prevention

Mrs. Cheryl Cofie

Third-grade classes at Spring Lake have been writing informational reports on animals they have researched. Each student picked an animal to write about and then researched to find information telling about the animal’s description, what it eats, its habitat, and other unique qualities. As an extension of this research they were fortunate to have Kierstan Munford, with the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter, come and give them a presentation about animal bite prevention. Ms. Munford’s son, Riley Van Nosdol is in third-grade at Spring Lake.