There are snowmen everywhere. There are paper snowmen, shaving cream snowmen, and oil pastel snowmen. Take a look around the building next time you are by.

PTA Reflections


The students that advanced to Region Level are:

1. Emily Faux (2D Art)

2. Jakenzine Jones (2D Art)

3. Caitlyn Maloy (3D Art)

4. Kelsey Hales (3D Art)

5. Tayla Mendenall (3D Art)

6. Kacelynn Mikesell (Photography)

7. Nathan Hadlock (Photography)

8. Elissa Petrell (Music)

9. Roscoe Grimshaw (Music)

10. Madison Bassir (Literature)

11. Brogen Broderick (Literature)

12. Abigayle Snow (Literature)

13. Jenna Mendenhall (Literature)

14. Brooke Boardman (Film)

15. Roscoe Grimshaw (Film)