Integrating Dance


Third through sixth-grade have been working with District specialist Holly Markgraf-Mayne to incorporate dance into everyday teaching. By integrating you are able to teach two concepts at the same time. She taught students the vocabulary of dance. She talked with them about how they use their bodies to move through space, and showed them that it is fun. There were a lot of positive comments by students. I even had some that were practicing the things she taught out on the playground.


Hailey Poulsen

6th grade students at Spring Lake Elementary are studying Ancient Cultures in Social Studies. To help understand the process of mummification, one student in Mrs. Poulsen's class was mummified! The students enjoyed removing his organs, wrapping him in bandages, and talking about the ceremonies the use to help them in the afterlife.

Third-grade Green Thumbs


Over the summer students participated in the Bonnie Plant 3rd grade cabbage program. They give a $1,000 scholarship to a student in each state with the best cabbage. We had three students that brought back photos. Jaxon Hill, Morgan Sheets, and Nathan Hadlock. They grew some great looking cabbages. Let’s hope one of them wins!

Secret Letter Detective

Mrs. Marty Davis

The kindergarten classes started "Secret Letter Detective" this week. If a student gets chosen to be the letter detective they will have a letter necklace and a bag. They are then responsible to bring something to school the next day that begins with that letter! They need to be prepared with three clues that they will present to the class. The item they bring is kept a secret and hidden in the bag until the clues have been presented!