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March 2010

Village Inn Outstanding Teacher Award

Submitted by kathleen.ware on Mon, 03/08/2010 - 15:45
K. Ware

Village Inn Outstanding Teacher Award
After receiving a surprise phone call during school, Mrs. Marie Mitchell (Spring Lake Elementary, Payson) found out she was the recipient of a special parent-nominated award – The Village Inn Outstanding Teacher Award.    The excitement was mutual as the Provo Village Inn manager presented Mrs. Mitchell with a certificate inside a case, the nominating letter, and a free meal for both she and her husband.
One of the many positive comments from the nomination letter was, “Mrs. Mitchell lives for her kindergarten class! She is such an amazing teacher. She devotes all her time and awesome talents to make sure all of her students learn.”
Teachers don’t often get recognition of this type, so when it comes it makes all those extra hours and effort feel more appreciated. 
Mrs. Mitchell says, “Thanks ‘Mom’ and Village Inn.”

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