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November 2010

Third Grade Turkey Bowl

Submitted by doug.lai on Tue, 11/23/2010 - 14:20

Third Grade students participate in the annual Turkey Bowl at Spring Lake Elementary.

They wore their Pilgrim and Indian outfits and threw Cornish game hens for bowling balls. “It was awesome.” Says Olivia Waite from Mr. Lai’s class.

PTA Reflection Winners Announced

Submitted by doug.lai on Tue, 11/23/2010 - 10:48
Mr. Finch for pictures.

On November 12th 2010 Spring Lake Elementary held its reflection assembly. Over 250 students participated in this year’s PTA Reflections. The theme was ‘Together We Can…’

Those that got awards of excellence will move on to the area PTA contest. Thank you to all those that participate and to our PTA that made this all possible.

 Pic 1.

3D Art - Primary

Award of Merit – Justin Caldwell and Chance Wilkinson.

Award of Excellence – Bentley Douglass and Grady Grimshaw.

 Pic 2.

3D Art - Intermediate

Award of Merit – Kamille Caldwell and Daniel Havens

Award of Excellence – Justin Jeppson and Carson Finch.

 3D Art – 6th Grade

Award of Merit – Daniela Ramirez and Sabrina Hudson.

Award of Excellence – Brock Christensen

 Pic 3.

Dance - Primary

Award of Excellence – Grady Grimshaw.


Pic 4.

Dance - Intermediate

Award of Merit – Maddie Lindsay

Award of Excellence – Bret McCauley and Owen Grimshaw

 Dance – 6th Grade

Award of Merit – Alison Pray

Award of Excellence – Brody Caras

 Pic 5.

Film - Primary

Award of Excellence – David Bartholomew and Grady Grimshaw.


Pic 6.

Film - Intermediate

Award of Merit – Ashley Graham, Owen Grimshaw, and Angela Barreda

Award of Excellence – Daniel Fordiani and Tyler Cowie

 Film – 6th Grade

Award of Excellence – Grace Wilson


Pic 7.

Literature - Primary

Award of Merit – Kailee Richman and Grady Grimshaw.

Award of Excellence – Samantha McFarland and David Bertholomew.

 Pic 8.

Literature - Intermediate

Award of Merit – Ericka Stone and Bret McCauley.

Award of Excellence – Owen Grimshaw and Addisyn Hendrickson.


Literature – 6th Grade

Award of Merit – Jared Gaskill and Sabrina Hudson.

Award of Excellence – Makadie Richman

 Pic 9.

Music - Primary

Award of Excellence – Grady Grimshaw.


Pic 10.

Music - Intermediate

Award of Merit – Bret McCauley and Annika Faux.

Award of Excellence – Brynlee Harmon and Bryton Webber.

 Pic 11.

Photography - Primary

Award of Merit – Catherine Turner and Aeva McLauchlin.

Award of Excellence – Sabrina Blackhurst and Rhett Webber.

 Pic 12.

Photography - Intermediate

Award of Merit – Seth Cowie and Owen Grimshaw.

Award of Excellence – Reed Slack and Benton Staheli.

 Photography – 6th Grade

Award of Merit – London Finch and Whitney Colvin.

Award of Excellence – Tambi Clark.

 Pic 13.

Visual Arts - Primary

Award of Merit – David Bartholomew and Taylee Madsen.

Award of Excellence – Genevieve Morgan and Paige Earl.

 Pic 14.

Visual Arts - Intermediate

Award of Merit – Talbie Oberg

Award of Excellence – Elliot Evans, Ashlyn Sharp, and Megan Michaelis.

 Visual Arts – 6th Grade

Award of Merit – Zach Peacock and Megan Schmoyer.

Award of Excellence – Marguerite Morgan.

Student of the Month for October 2010 Spring Lake Elementary

Submitted by doug.lai on Fri, 11/12/2010 - 17:02

Picture 1

Top Row: Casey Cooper, Ty Creviston, Abby Buck, Aubrey Kracl, Noah Dinkins, Ian Wilson, Dayna Chapa, Max Strebel, Garret Taylor

Middle Row: Britton Biggs, Mallie Johnson, Taysen Houser, Grady Grimshaw, Addisen Reno, Jeanette Sauceda, Ethan Faux.

Bottom Row: Katelyn Hurst, Chantel Reynoso, Weston Kershaw, Quincy Rawson, Ariana Wilson, Amberlynn Anderson, Ethan Muhlestein.

 Picture 2

Back Row: Zeke Mangum, Josue Gamez, Bryson Finleey, Joshua Adams, Tais Larin, Joseph Baxter, Megan Rogers, Nicole Marsh.

Front Row: Kyle Nelson, Jocelyn Hurst, Brooke Ashton, Jackson Liddiard, Sadie Marvin, Bryton Webber, Kristen Whitney, Jacob Scott, Annika Faux.


Picture 3

Back Row: Makadie Richman, Kaden Laypath, Mackson Nichols, Rachel Slack, Alison Pray, Whitney Colvin

Front Row: Ally Buchanan, Hunter Renzello, Calista Wilkinson, Brock Elmer, Easton Frisby, Elizabeth Jeppson, Kaylea King.

 Not pictured: Max, Norman Dinkins.


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