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I-Ready SuperBowl Contest

Submitted by jeremy.barber on Thu, 02/18/2021 - 11:55

This year’s I-Ready Super Bowl Contest was so much fun.

This year we had class winners for highest minutes on I-Ready, and we had individual MVP’s for the most lessons passed and the highest minutes completed!  The students were engaged and excited each day as they walked down the hall and looked at the scoreboard…but why did we do it, and what really mattered in the end?

Student’s learned and improved in amazing ways.  I-Ready is designed to work with students at their level.  Each  lesson is designed to build students understanding and comprehension, not just their ability to perform.  It works through core concepts and builds a students knowledge in a sequential format that enhances what they are learning in class, or fills in gaps and holes in areas they have missed or not had enough practice and instruction in.  Some students excelled beyond their grade levels and gained deeper instruction pushing them further in their education.  Some students pulled from behind, filling in holes and bringing them closer to their grade level.  

Each student that participated, worked, and used their time to complete I-Ready lessons are the REAL WINNERS because they learned, improved, and stretched their brains to new levels of understanding! 

We are so proud of each student’s efforts and improvements!